Lessons learned in courera

Let’s see, how to start?

1. Delegate. But learn quickly who is reliable and who is not. If someone is unreliable, then work around them. Don’t get mad or try to fix the problem. No time. 

2. Find a TA who knows the material and computers. I was extremely lucky on this one. Allen M is fantastic. 

3. There is a much wider range of abilities and backgrounds than you thought possible. The course will be different to different people. This is OK. Provide various options and various levels of difficulty for problems and discussions.   Design into the course a way for students that are both far ahead of you and just barely keeping up with you to both learn. 

4.   Interact via the forums. Carry your phone around and occasionally look at the latest postings. 

5. Occasionally wear a bicycle jersey that looks like a tuxedo. 🙂


About tdmorley

Riding bicycles, reading, professional Mathematician
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